Tuesday, February 22, 2011



For valentines day my brother and I bought our mother tickets to see her all time favorite band Bonjovi. It was an awesome concert and we all had such a blast!

We started our night with some Swiss Chalet for dinner.

Mmmm good food! Then we were off on public transit on our way downtown. The concert took place at the Air Canada Center which is a nice a big venue. All in all for the $30 tickets I got they were pretty good!!
this was our view of the stage...

They had a really cool screen setup. Made it supper easy to never miss a moment no matter where you were sitting.

And Mister John Bonjovi Himself!! I may be young enough to be his daughter but I still think he is super hot!

Singing to us way up in the stands!

And of course Ritchie Sambora, great guitar player.

And the whole band at the end:
John Bonjovi
Ritchie Sambora
Tico Torres
David Bryan

All in all we had a great time, and would go again without a doubt!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day of Love Part 2!!

Okay, so to help me get into the mood for this pair-friendly holiday (going it single as usual), I decided to do a Valentines day table! I figured maybe it would cheer me up a bit, and i could pretend I actually enjoy this holiday.....

And here is another overall shot from the side. ( I forgot to take the plastic wrap off of the candies before I took the picture. We live in an apartment, and sometimes get ants, so food always gets covered.)

Pretty much everything that you see on this table is actually from the dollar store. I could live in dollarama and be content for the rest of my life. I picked up some nice clear jars ( I figure as they are clear I can reuse them with different results) in different shapes. As you can see in the next picture I chose white mints. I will show you how to make a rose tree a little later on this post.

Swedish Berries make a lovely red candy, and notice the pink and green watermelons? Robbie recommended those..... and I buried them under the red to keep with the theme of course.

I bought a nice red candle (smells so nice!) and filled the jar with some white craft sand too.

And I know that these are actually tea towels but they look so cute as napkins!!

So on to the rose tree!! I simply love the way this turned out! so simple, easy, and I only spend $3.25 making it!

Okay so to make one you will need:

  • Candle stick (mine is from dollarama for $1.25)
  • Red tissue paper (or any color of your choice  $1)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Tooth Picks
  • Foam ball ($1 for 6 at dollarama!)

So i cut three pieces of tissue paper in to 6 inch strips. You may need more or less depending on how big your foam ball is.

Crumple one piece in your hand. It gives it a nice natural look.

Lay it out and fold the piece in half length-wise. Notice that my craft space is my couch? Oh the joys of living in a small apartment!!

Now start at one end and begin to roll the tissue paper

As I roll I like to twist the tissue paper outwards. Don't worry if your first few roses don't look right, after a few of them you really start to get the hang of it!

And roll some more...

When you have rolled the whole strip twist the bottom of it to keep it together.

Throw some tape on that sucker!!

I hear you can glue your roses on but I find that sticking a toothpick in the roses and then in the foam is much easier. Although I do suggest that you really tape the rose TO the tooth pick.... trust me it will save you from a headache later!! Now repeat, and repeat, and well you get the idea..... make a bunch. If its not enough you can always make more!!

Next I placed the foam ball on the candle stick and traced around it. This made it so much easier to place on the candle stick later. I did it like this so I can change what is on the candle stick in the future instead of gluing the roses right to it.

Now start sticking!

And poke some more....

And go until you have covered all but the circle you drew earlier! Now you are ready to place on you candle stick. You now have your very own rose tree!!


So Sorry!

Okay all, I will have the second part of my valentines day post up some time tonight. I am such a horrible blogger but I have to say life has just gotten in the way. Sometimes I just dont get much of a say in the matter, sadly enough!

It is also un-acceptable that on some of the older posts there are lines that say "PICTURE ONE GOES HERE" again I am saying a huge I'M SORRY!!! I just transferred all of my posts over from a different blog site and some of my picture just didn't want to come with!! I will have it all fixed up ASAP!!

I am hoping that this horrible picture of myself and Robbie with the oddest deer on earth will partly make up for all this trouble?

Did it help? Am I at least a little forgiven?

BTW I have some pictures coming up from the AMAZING Bonjovi concert last night. Not the best pictures in the world as I was not allowed to bring my "real" Camera, but my little point and shoot did much better then expected. Such a great night!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Of Love!! Part 1

Hello all you lovers in love! I am so sorry that this post is so late, I actually had to switch blog sites in order to bring this to you! For some reason did not like me very much so say hello to our new place on!!

This is going to be in two parts so let us begin....
This is my amazing box of valentine goodness. Please note all the lovely ribbons I got from dollorama!! I saw them and simply had to buy them all!!

Love it! came in handy when I was wrapping this lovely present for my roomie!

Next I worked on my Valentine treats which this year was cupcakes. I found a recipe for marsh mellow fondant!! Well let me tell you how much fun that was! Messy but so much fun. I didn't post how to make the cakes or the fondant this time but next time I will. I used lovely silicone heart shaped pans for the cupcakes,

And I just covered some poster board with tin foil for the base

Covered in fondant and boxed....

Now you simply cannot have Valentines day without cards now can you? So being crafty and all I made them all from scratch this year.

Supplies used:
  • Plain Cards and Envelopes
  • Sticky jewels and hearts
  • Little scapbooking hearts, roses, anything you want to add. I got all of mine at dollarama for $1
  • Some lovely ribbon
  • I used three pieces of colored paper; silver, pink, and frosted see-through
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun
Now throw it all together and what do you get?

And Inside

I decorated the envelope too, just to make it a little more special!

I had a lot of fun this Valentines, and I think it did put me in a better mood for the lovers holiday!!
I also got my mother some A-Mazing roses from our good old metro store.

What woman doesn't like roses?

And of course the customary chocolates....

Put it all together and what you see is what you get folks! It was alot of thought and effort for what looks like so little!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shame Shame!!


Okay it is official. I am a horrible blogger!! I have not updated or added anything in forever! Life has been a little hard on me recently but that is no excuse to avoid my poor, very empty blog!

So to make it up to you I am promising a wonderful...

♥Valentines Day Entry♥

There will be crafts and food fun, and lots and lots of candy!!

I really am trying to be in the mood for the season. I mean sure I am single.... have been forever, and that could make a girl a little bitter....

But I truly am trying to keep a little positive here!! The last few years I have been a huge supporter of the

Movement, but like I said, this year I am making a valent attempt at being more cupid accepting. Maybe he can shoot a couple of arrows my way?

Look out for the crafty post on Valentines Day!!